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Instantly Beef-up your Marketing Response AND Sales Conversion with a Rock-Solid Guarantee

Your typical “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” is now roughly translated as, “blah, blah, blah.” We’ve seen it so many times that our eyes glide past these types of Guarantees without a second thought. It’s trite and meaningless for everyone except for the guy looking to take advantage of you. But there’s a better way…

So if “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” is a weak guarantee, here are a few great guarantees I’ve come across:

We so firmly believe we can help you make a difference in your business that if we
cannot increase your gross profit by $1000 a month we will either refund your investment
back to you OR we will work with you at NO cost to you until your gross profit increases by
$1000 a month.” – Automotive Management Solutions

Lifetime Free Replacement Of Any Broken ASEPCO Tank Valve

– No Matter Who Broke It!

Top-Quality Product, or It’s Free!

Performance as Promised, or We Pay You!”

Asepco’s Unique Tank Valve Guarantee

If you want to get real creative, check out this guarantee that not only guarantees performance, it pays the consumer to report their results so the business can then use that “testimonial” in further marketing:

If you beat the best ad you’ve ever written, I’ll send you a $100 check and a congratulations letter.

If you can’t beat your best ad, I’ll send you a $100 check and an apology, plus a full refund of your $500 purchase price.” – Perry Marshall’s Marketing Swiss Army Knife

This last one is too long to copy onto my blog, but take a minute to read Reliance Home Comfort’s Guarantee.

So what do these guarantee’s do that our more anemic guarantee’s do not?

They improve  your marketing response and sales conversion, by doing 3 things:

  1. They are specific – One of the main powers of a guarantee is that people actually read them. So use that opportunity to guarantee the benefit/performance of your product or service. While your prospect is reading your list of guaranteed benefits, you are also conditioning them to experience those benefits. The placebo affect is alive and well. I’m not suggesting you should guarantee something “made-up”, I’m just using the placebo affect as an example of how a great guarantee can condition your customers to look for, appreciate, and tell their friends about all of the great benefits you have provided for them.
  2. They guarantee Benefits – In other words, your guarantee should include the advantages of your product or service to the consumer. All of the examples above guarantee the RESULT of using that company’s product or service. Don’t worry if your competitor’s product can offer the same results… Unless they guarantee it, you’ll be out-selling them in no time.
  3. “Risk-Free” – A great guarantee will help get the customer off the fence and prevent any buyer’s remorse. Why? Because if you don’t deliver on your written, specific, benefits-driven guarantee the customer should be able to get a replacement or refund.

After all that, there is one thing that all of these guarantee’s are screwing up.

Instead of writing a Guarantee, you should write a Promise. As you know I’m a big fan of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so I’m not one to discount the power of a single word… And I must say, there is a massive difference in Guarantee vs. Promise.

Businesses offer Guarantees. Which means they are third-party, impersonal, and “profit-driven” because that’s how we naturally see a business.

In contrast, a Promise is highly and totally personal

You “Promise” yourself you will DO IT … whatever IT means.
You “Promise” your kid you will get him that baseball mitt.
You “Promise” your Mom you will be safe.

In other words, you, as the owner or leader in your business, are making a personal Promise to your customer that you will do what you say.

Can you feel how powerful that difference can be? I can sense the tingle in my spine as I extend my hand and look my valued customer squarely in the eyes to make this promise.

As I mentioned in my blog on Conversational Marketing, this personal touch is a HUGE advantage that we as small business owners can offer that major corporations can not. It may even be THE most powerful reason consumers choose small business so don’t ever waste your time doing marketing just to appear like your corporate competitor.

Think I’m getting too touchy, feely with this stuff?

Check out the book Emotion Marketing by Claire Brand. It’s backed up by decades of research done by some of the most respected national brands with the most loyal customers. One of these brands is Hallmark who has built the largest loyalty program in the world with over 12 million active members.

Hallmark determined that of all the ways you can measure customer loyalty, the best way to determine if your customer will be loyal is by how much they feel you care for them. Caring was twice as likely to predict future customer loyalty than any other factor they could measure.

If an organization with 5,000 locations in the US can make 12 million people feel that they care, isn’t it about time your small business focuses on doing the same thing.

To start showing that you care, write your Promise, today.

To your promised success, Bryan

P.S. As I was eating my yogurt this morning, I came across a personal Promise from Activa. “Love how you feel or your money back.” How’s that for promising a result?

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