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How 1 sentence can increase web conversions 1244%

There are 2 ways to approach your internet marketing: Assume you know everything and can guess what your target prospects want to see. Assume you know almost nothing and need to test to learn what actually converts prospects to customers. If … [Continue reading]

The cornerstone of your Marketing RoadMap – A solid Positioning Strategy

A positioning strategy is the position you occupy in the minds of your prospects and customers. As a start-up, you have the awesome power to define that position from scratch. For an existing business you need to know your current position before … [Continue reading]

Your “experience” is what’s holding your managers back and limiting your growth

If you hired the right managers, who are better than you in their areas of expertise, then the key to getting them to excel is simply to unleash them. In other words, get out of his or her way! You just need to let him make his own decisions, … [Continue reading]

Why are my Adwords CPC going up, leads going down, and position getting worse?

This question has come from a few business owners who outsource their Google Adwords management and are wondering why  their average cost-per-click (CPC) has jumped from $3 to $6 or $9. This blog will actually address a few questions: Why are … [Continue reading]

Great Websites Aren’t Built, They’re Tested

Have you ever asked your web design company how they determine how to design your website? How do they know where to put the contact form? What call-to-action will work best? Which headline will grab your visitors' attention to generate a lead? … [Continue reading]

How I learned to LOVE making mistakes and being wrong

Kettering University FSAE 2004 Dyno Run

At one point in my life I was a 21 year old male and it might be fair to say I was a bit, uh, cocky. One of the reasons was because I had a blast racing the Formula racecar my college buddies and I built to do 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds and pull over … [Continue reading]

How much do your customers care about what you think?

In the past week I had a great opportunity to talk to dozens and dozens of small business owners about internet marketing and, in particular, their websites. One of the most common things I would hear is, "I like this website" or "I don't like … [Continue reading]

The Top 19 Myths of Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Whether it's SEM, SEO, or website design, there are a lot of Myths about internet marketing that just don't hold up to testing so let's tackle the top 19. Keep in mind these myths are for service-based small businesses with the primary goal of … [Continue reading]

Would you prefer 1 lead for $35 or 5 leads for $500? Your Google Adwords Strategy

Google Search Engine Optimization can be as fun as building legos

If you watch what's going on in the SEM and Google Adwords world you hear some interesting things... Like... You need to be #1 on Google... I can get you contacts for $34 per contact... Our Click-Thru-Rate is 5%... So what? What exactly … [Continue reading]

Happiness leads to better Employee Productivity… Not the other way around! [VIDEO]

TED speeches are a secret obsession of mine. On any given week I'll watch 2-4 of them. Out of the dozens and dozens of speeches I've watched, this speech by Shawn Achor is only the second I've ever shared on my blog. Why? It's powerful and … [Continue reading]